Monday, 24 August 2009

Nanny Davis

Today my beloved Grandmother Mabel May Davis passed away.

She was a wonderful Grandmother. I spent a lot of time with her when I was growing up. (as I did with all my Grandparents.)

She had suffered a stroke in February, and had never really got better, she was nable to eat or drink.

I'm glad she is not in pain any longer, but of course I will miss her. I have so many memories of her that I will treasure.

One Halloween, some horrible little children came to the door and put flour through the letter box. It landed in the eyes of her dog, Sandy. He was blind and this frightened him. Nan loved Sandy. She picked up the doormat and ran after those kids, swatting at them with it. Oh how they ran away!

She would always take me to the market and buy me a bag of grapes to eat on the bus home.

She loved taking us to the cinema. She took to see The Little Mermaid and the Home Alone movies.

She loved to crochet and made me a beautiful crocheted blanket which I will keep. She also knitted cardigans for the premature babies unit.

She loved my husband Daniel, had a real soft spot for him. Told him after his last remaining Grandparent died that she would be his Grandma.

She loved Bingo - she was a social butterfly!

She was kind and generous and would do anything to help people. I think I have this trait too.

I love you Nan.