Friday, 27 November 2009



So yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent it with our friend Amy and another co worker Courtney. I baked a cherry pie and made my own cranberry sauce which was fun and I was thankful they both turned out well!

The day after Thanksgiving is known as 'Black Friday' and the sales are crazy, people camp out to get the best deals with most places opening 5am.

We chose to go to one of my favorite clothing stores, Old Navy, who were giving away Lego Rock Band if you spent $20...they opened at 3am and we got there around 2am. No, we don't have a wii but aew hopefully getting one at Christmas if I have been a good girl hee hee.

Anyways we didn't get there early enough - the first 25 people in line were given wrist bands to use to get the game at the check out.

Still an experience though and just a bit of fun! Here I am waiting in the cold.

We then came home and slept and then around lunch time picked up Daniel's pay check and did a bit more sales shopping. Some crazy deals out there, like 50% off the whole store. We didn't buy a lot but I got a sweater dress and knitted wrap around at the 3am sale, a bra (down from $14 to $3) $1 socks, and Daniel got a shirt and dvd box set half price.

My knee is really sore tonight...all the shopping was too much and it is ACHING. I have iced it and taken ibuprofen so not a lot else I can do.

I will leave you with this lovely husband of mine...

Friday, 20 November 2009

Feeling Festive....

I have to say I absolutely love Christmas. Ok, I am not one of those fanatics you see in the paper who decorates their house year round or anything, but I love this season. It just so magical.

I am feeling very festive today which is a little unlike me! In the sense that it is still a little early! Here, Thanksgiving (which is in 6 days) signifies the start of it all. Most people seem to put up the tree after Thanksgiving - and we did last year too.

Last year we had a tiny little real tree which I loved because we never had real trees growing up. It was so cute, we just put lights on it, and the occasional candy cane!

I am already wanting to watch Christmas movies!

I have finished the shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. In it is a notebook, crayons, hat, gloves. socks, soap, toothbrush and paste, cuddly toy, a sparkly headband, a loofah, a pink pen, and gummy bears. I hope it makes a child very happy. I plan to do this every year.

Yesterday we had planned a little suprise birthday lunch for our co worker - we usually celebrate any of our birthdays at the end of the month. As I went to the cafeteria to that fridge I slipped on the VERY wet floor. Seriously my trouser leg was soaked when I got up. My knee came up in a big golf ball lump. Any injuries that happen at school they must cover the medical costs so they took me to urgent care to get it checked. It is not too bad and definitely much better today, the swelling is going down. Having sprained my ankle twice in the past, I am glad it wasn't worse for me.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Why is life like this? One thing after another. You figure out and deal with something and feel great. Then something else comes along that you just can't understand. Or know how to deal with. It puts a black cloud over your day.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Windy City

We decided yesterday that we will spend Christmas in Chicago this year and I am VERY excited.
At first I was tempted to go for a second year in NYC, but we both felt it would be better to spend the money visiting somewhere different. I have always wanted to visit Chicago. I first applied for a job there before applying for the program I am on now.

So when Daniel went to work I started researching. I wanted to know what was going on there at Christmas. The more I read, the more I got excited. There are ice rinks, a traditional German market (close to our hearts ever since we visited Cologne in Germany near to Christmas), a Winterfest at the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan. Also I would love to visit the Sears Tower (as seen in the movie Ferris Buellers Day Off).

As I was browsing, I found what I thought looked like a great deal on a hotel - Hard Rock Hotel Chicago - $111 a night! (about 70 pounds). We checked out the reviews and went ahead and booked it with the money we have been saving. We came here with travel in mind and I want to see out those plans as we will be going home in the summer of 2010.

We were reading up about the hotel and I clicked on a link under services and amenities called Check In Rock Out. I figured it was about checking in and out and they were just keeping it in the vain of the hotel theme. Turns out you can (free of charge) take guitars of the highest quality to your room to play...the rooms are sound proof! Daniel is so looking forward to that! I am just hoping to get some sleep haha!

Not a lot to report in the daily life side of things. Today is Veteran's Day (remembrance day)and we get a day off for that, for which I am grateful. I am grateful to the military near and far for what they do.

I am going to do Operation Christmas Child - even just one shoebox. You fill it with toys, candy and toothpaste etc for a child in a country that is in poverty. I have so much in my life, I feel this is something close to my heart. I encourage you to check in out.

I will leave you with the Chicago skyline....