Saturday, 26 September 2009

Home From Home From Home

It has been a little while since I wrote. Someone on UK Scrappers sent me a message saying how they had enjoyed reading my blog and I thought I had better update!

We went over to the UK for my Nan's funeral service. I felt I wanted to be there and honor her memory.

We were so fortunate financially that some good things happened in the money department that month enabling us to go. The flights cost $1600 - or 1000 pounds.

The way there, we left on a Friday right after school - Charlotte to Philadelphia then Philadelphia to Heathrow. This flight was not so bad as I had been up since 5am and slept through most of it, only waking up to eat or stretch the legs.

The jet lag hit us hard, Daniel much worse as he didn't sleep on the plane at all really.

Here are some of the highlights....
Daniel enjyed chilling with his family cats - Boots (above) and Cwtchi (below)

It was great to catch up with friends - even if brief.

Bryher (above) who has lost a huge amount of weight since I last saw her. I follow her blog but was great to see her in person.

And my best friend (or UKBFF) Natasha and her daugter Keira, who I havent seen on over a year. It was so much fun playing with Keira, last I saw her she was 5 months or so. She wanted stories and playing and songs - it was a lot of fun. It was awesome catching up with Natasha - we have been friends since we were 16 and it never feels like we have been apart.

Me with my Grandparents

My Nan's funeral flowers. On the way home (loooong direct flight) it hit me and I burst into tears. Daniel just held me while I tried to sob quietly.

The funeral went as well as these things can. My Dad is a Minister and wanted to conduct it himself. He was so composed, but warm and sweet. I also gave my tribute and was glad to be there to do so. My Nan left me her eternity ring in her will which is really special to me.

We saw much more family than in the pics - aunts and uncles and cousins as well as our immediate families.

Things here are going well, my little (or big) class of 18 - 3 more than last year - is a sweet class.

I am so proud of Daniel, who this week was asked if he would like to be promoted from floor manager to house manager of 2 of the theatres in the group of theatres that he works for. He of course said yes, though I know he is a little daunted at being 'the boss' he will still get to work regular shifts as well. He works hard and is awesome at his job, recently getting a letter of recomendation from a patron.