Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Danny Mac

The last few weeks I have been so excited. Daniel (my husband) has been saying for a long time that he would love an apple mac book. I had definitely planned to buy him some kind of laptop and in the end really wanted him to get exactly what he wanted and needed for recording his music.

Thanks to becoming tax free in the USA I was able to do this. I'm grateful I could.

It was very scary to do, I wanted it to be perfect so did as much research as I could!

The whole week leading up to the presentation of the mac book was so fun but so hard!

One of his friends was telling him all about Garage band, which would be perfect for his music and all week he was talking about saving for a mac and how he doesn't think he will get one, and did I know how much the teacher discount was? I had to play dumb.

So at 5am , April 17th 2009 (eastern standard time) I asked him to close his eyes and laid the mac book in his lap.

His reaction was priceless, he was shocked, delighted, clapping his hands together like a little child! He had only vaguely hoped, like a child at Christmas, that he would get his birthday wish but I had managed to be discreet about exactly how much tax money I got back.

He even dreamed that night that he got one, and kept asking me if he was still dreaming.

You may be thinking that this sounds superficial but it really isn't. I told him all day long that he deserves it. Here is why...

Daniel has never had a brand new computer, he has had hand me downs or built them up. Most of our married life has been financially tight. The ironic thing is that he actually bought ME a new pc once year, as well as my awesome DSLR camera last year. When people around us have had things come easily, even seen as a necessity, he went along with slower, older models that wouldn't run everything he needed or wanted, or store everything he needed. He got an external hard drive to save precious writings, ( he is a wonderful writer) but it crashed and he lost it all. We have NEVER been in a position to spend this much money on something like that and might not be again in a long while.

He also deserves it because he is so supportive of me and my career. Yes, we both wanted to come here and experience as much of the world as possible. But it was a long run for him to have no work permit, no job and a lot of free time which can be unfulfilling. But he chose to focus on his music and song writing and he has been dedicated daily, despite the old PC he had to use to do it.
When he did get a work permit, he got a job in his desired field instantly. Yep, he's that good!

Check out his music here or here. He write gorgeous, melodic songs and sings and plays them in a way you can't help but love.

He is humble, patient and so unselfish, more unselfish than anyone I know. And that, Danny Mac, is why you deserve it. I love you.


Bryher Hill said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww :o)

I can feel my heart melting - that is so sweet of you!

Ayesha said...

aww how sweet is that...wish my husband would use his brain and buy me my camera lol

Annie said...


Awwwww, that is so lovely!

Julia Dunnit said...

Deserved indeed...and you need never justify why you treat the one you love. Loved your article.

Emily said...

Aw sweet! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. How did you find me? It's nice to know you like reading all about us. Hope you're having a great week. Emily xx