Saturday, 26 December 2009

post christmas blues....

I am definitely a post Christmas blues sufferer.

Something about the come down after the big build up to the season.

I am so blessed....I have had 2 wonderful Christmases, just the two of us, in new cities to explore, wonderful presents from both far and near, web cam conversations.

Secretly I am looking forward to the next one with the families...most especially, God willing, with my Grandparents.

I equally hope there will be more years where it is just Daniel and myself.

So I am feeling a little teary, if illogically, sitting in our hotel room watching revolutionary road and eating fererro rocher.

I have also been very appreciative of people who have waitied on me this restarants, in Starbucks (including Christmas day), in stores and in the hotel.

This is all.

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