Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 Review of the year

Well 2009 has truly been full of ups and downs throughout.

Lets start with the ups...

Daniel gaining employment
very quickly and simple by sending in his CV (resume).

Daniel moving up the ranks so swiftly and now is manager of two of the smaller theaters and wears a suit and tie to work on ocassion. He has developed a good career from an initially more casual job and it speaks voulmes for his personality and his work ethic.

Was kinda cool to be here for the inauguration of Barrack Obama.

Friendships - and two in particular - have really taken off this year.

My family coming to visit us. Yes it was stressful at times, but overall great.

Graduation - both of my fantastic kindergartners who I was so proud of, and of my friend Amy who gained her Masters degree in Education.

Giving Daniel his Mac book...might sound superficial but the post here explains it.

Christmas in Chicago was awesome. Our hotel was so plush and so inexpensive we jut couldn't believe it. Yes, the weather was blustery, ice rain, falling ice from buildings and eventually snow, but it didn't stop us doing all we had wanted to do.

And the downs

The biggest down for me is my dear Nan having a stroke in February and passing away in August, on our wedding anniversary. I was proud to speak at her funeral. I miss her terribly, but I am grateful to have known her and had her in my life as long as I did. I love you Nan. (This also lead to kind of an 'up' as we were able to visit home, see my other equally wonderful Grandparents and friends and family). SO proud of my Dad, who took his own Mother's funeral service, (he is a minister) with grace, warmth and composure.

Close behind has been the hassle with our house in the UK...first a pretty big fire, not one but two tenants leaving, one without notice and one who was there for one month only.

The fear I was not going to be blessed with a second year in the USA. HUGE budget crisis in education here in Charlotte lead to crazy times. Also lead to other issues at school which I will only describe here as unjust and unfair. But I was strong and got through them, and kept my job which was a huge relief. I was not ready to be done here!

Looking forward to 2010

This year is going to be an interesting one for sure.

I love my class and look forward to seeing them progress to be ready for 1st grade.

I hope we will get to do a spot more traveling, San Francisco for Daniel's 30th, and Seattle to visit a friend.

The second half of the year is a little more uncertain...yes, we will be moving back to the UK, likely London to suit both of our job possibilities, but also that depends on our house situation.

I am hopeful we we obtain new jobs, and I think to be honest the return home will be stressful in terms of cleaning out this apartment an transitioning back to the UK. I can't believe our time here is amost over. Well 3/4 over. I wouldn't change it, but I feel like it is the right time to return to the UK for our next adventure.

I hope your 2009 has had ups as well as downs. Best wishes for 2010.


Erika said...

Good luck for 2010 Katie...wishing you all the very best in your new adventures.

Shazza said...

thanksfor sharing your time so far Katie, wishing you good luck for 2010